Ancient mines of the San Lucano Valley

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1. July 21, 1672 concession - Crotta family

On 21 July 1672 a concession was granted to a member of the Agordino family at the time most influential, the Crotta:

“In the territory of Agordo, mountain of Malgonera. To N.D. Andreina Crotta and Companions. Busa sive minera; in the morning it borders the Stia di Val di Gardes, in the middle of Mount Valzere in the evening the Larese, to the north a place called Dapè”.

The quotation has a slight inaccuracy in fact the name Andreina is a probable transcription error, in fact it was the noblewoman Andreana Crotta, wife of Giovanni Antonio Crotta killed by some hitmen on 2 September 1654 hired by his brother Giuseppe Crotta, both owners of the richest area of the mine of Valle Imperina. Andreana was a woman of great entrepreneurial skills, and after the latter's death, she took over the reins of the family business, becoming the leader of the local mine dealers.

Unfortunately, the currently visible traces of the mining activity she managed have completely disappeared.

2. November 17, 1674 concession - A. Ferrara

On November 17, 1674 a concession is granted:

”In Monte Valicani on Col delle Gianese, in the Forno di Val Rule. To Andrea Ferrara qm. Antonio. Copper mine”.

3. September 20, 1675 concession - A. Polrizza

On 20 September 1675 the concession was granted:

”San Lucano Valley. To Andrea Polrizza and C. Copper mine; it borders Valle delle Fassine in the morning, Col delle Giasere at noon, Campi Gat in the evening and Pala del Cetta to the north”.

4. May 19, 1730 concession - A. Orsolin

On May 19, 1730, a new research investiture was issued:

“In the San Lugano Valley under the Val oven rule. To Antonio Orsolin and C. Copper mine, bordering Pala del Bech in the morning, Col delle Giasere at noon, Campigat, Val di Lastra and Val di Pares in the evening, Col del Bech, La Stia and Val di Gares to the north” .

5. August 3, 1666 concession - A.Pietroboni

On August 3, 1666 the Council of Ten invests Andrea Pietroboni with the research permit for a copper mine located:

In the relevance of Forno di Val under the Volpera mountain, in the territory of Agordo to Andrea Pietroboni qm Gasparo. mine to be named San Lucano, now showing a copper vein; it borders the mountain called Miel to the east, water called Tegnias at noon, Val Regane to the west, Volpera itself to the north[1]”.

[1] From “Notizie sull’industria mineraria nella Venezia sotto il dominio della Repubblica” by E. Oreglia

6. August 3, 1675 concession - A. Jachon

On 3 August 1675 the concession was granted:

“San lugano Valley. To Agostin Jachon and C. Copper mine, bordering Pian di Regrana in the morning, Col delle Gisere at noon, Pisandolo water in the evening and the Val that goes to the Forcella Bassa in the Val di San Lucan to the north”.

7. July 31, 1674 concession - A. Sasso

On July 31, 1674, a new investiture was issued:

“In the mountains of Valgesa under the Rule of Val di Forno. At Antonio Sasso & C. copper mine, Val di cancel, under Pra di Canal”.

8. January 11, 1672 concession - A. Messedin

On 11 January 1672 the Council of Ten issues a new investiture:

“In Val di S. Lucano, in Mount Valgar, a place called Campi Gatti, Regola di Taibon and Forno di Val, above the Villa di Jacon. To Francesco and brothers sons of Antonio Messedin and Compagni. Copper and other metal ore; it borders the Salto del Petoloto in the morning, south of the Salina coast, to the north in Cao de Chisurette, in the evening the Zof road”.

9. July,16 1676 concession - C. Michiel

On July 16, 1676, the last research grant of the seventeenth century was recorded:

“In Monte Pezzaine under the Di Val oven rule. To Ser Gerolamo Michiel. Copper mine; it borders water in the morning and noon in the evening in Pian di Pezzaine”.

 10.  May 28, 1743 concession - Z.A. Crotta

On May 28, 1743, a new concession is issued: “Investiture in N.H. Ser Zuan Antonio Crotta of all the buse indicating iron vein in the San Lazzaro Valley. It borders the peaks of Mosternà, Campigna and Val di Parne, up to Ponte”. 

Note that::

  • is granted to a member of the Crotta family, who had already owned iron mines in the valley in the past;
  • the investiture does not speak of a single research but of several mines, some of which are already in operation.
  • the toponyms used by Oreglia to indicate the location of the mines, according to him all in the San Lucano valley, do not appear in other investitures nor are they present today. The only exception is the toponym indicated as "Ponte" which could be interpreted as the current Pont location.
  • The denomination of the valley is San Lazzaro and not San Lucano.

It can be assumed that the investiture could be a continuation or extension of the previous concession. Following the concession of 23 May 1743, the Crotta family opened their business.



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